About us

Chiropractic Care

Established by Richard Stenning, Chiropractic Care has been serving the local community for the last twenty plus years.  Chiropractic treatment has helped residents of Honiton, Kilmington and the surrounding areas reduce their pain and improve their mobility.  

The team at Chiropractic Care are dedicated to providing first class, patient centred care for all your joint, bone and muscle aches, pains and injuries.  We do this by carefully considering the cause of your problem and tailor our treatment to provide natural relief in the most appropriate way for you.  Whether you’ve had pain or discomfort for a long time or it’s only just started, we can help.  You don’t need to “just put up” with those every day twinges and niggles.  

Our Chiropractors aim to diagnose and treat the source of your problem to help you get better and stay better.  This may involve spinal manipulation, soft tissue (muscle) techniques, Western Medical Acupuncture, a home exercise programme or nutritional advice.  Please be assured that should your diagnosis mean you are unsuitable for our care you will be appropriately referred.

All of our highly skilled and dedicated Chiropractors are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and members of the British Chiropractic Council.

Whether you are young or old we look forward to helping you soon.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Our Chiropractors

The Chiropractic Care in Honiton and Axminster, Devon, is made up by a team of two chiropractors, Richard Stenning and Heather Foster.